My values


These are mine. And they‘re a constant.


They‘re what I believe in and together they make me who I am, what I am, how I do things and – ultimately – how I would like to be seen.


They inform the way that I do everything, they‘re a benchmark against which I measure myself and make my decisions.


Collectively, they‘re my point of difference.


Brand values

Countries strive to have (and hold onto) commonly held values – and sadly even fight wars over them. Faiths clearly have them, as do all organisations, as does every business.


Without values they‘d fall apart.


If those values are not practiced, or not understood and acted upon, then the identity – the clear understanding – of that faith, country, company, product or service, is at risk.


Conversely, a clear set of values, understood and acted upon, support not only a clear vision, but are the fundamental demarcation of a brand.


Put simply: values define brands and create a point of difference and recognition.


That‘s why I will almost always spend some time discussing, defining – or if needs be, refining – your brand values upfront and at the outset of a project.