The Leeds


Annual reports are an ideal opportunity to look forward (as well as backward to the performance) and can be a powerful tool for establishing and voicing a brand.


The first annual report following the launch of their new corporate and retail identity focused on the new vision for the Leeds.


From there on in the focus was to be on house buying, mortgages and the entire home buying experience (every branch had a “Home Arranger“) .The annual report used the process of moving home as its theme and amplified the new visual identity which my team had put in place.


The concepts for the annual report were created by Christine Clarkson and myself, designed and developed by Sarah Sanderson. All the work on this report was undertaken at McColl plc. The original Leeds visual identity was created by a team led by me and included Joseph McGlennon as senior designer. The interiors team was led by Nick Corney and its chief designer was Anthony Tiley.



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