Case study:

The Leeds


The Leeds relationship began while I was at McColl. Primarily a retail branch design project, I took the opportunity to develop it into a full corporate identity exercise. Working closely with the interiors division – ensuring that the brand thinking was integrated from the outset – a concept focussing on the home, warmth and friendliness was established. This was balanced by a need to convey quiet efficiency and financial stability. 


We helped to refine and define the Leeds‘s core values and address some of its perceived weaknesses, creating a radically different, open branch frontage devoid of the usual dry and rather boring posters.


In effect the branch was the shop window for the Leeds and a lot of what it stood for.

My relationship with the Leeds carried on for almost eleven years – up to and including its eventual takeover by The Halifax – allowing me to fully develop and manage its brand along the way.

Footnote: The full trading name of the Leeds was in fact Leeds Permanent Building Society – we took the opportunity to use its more familiar vernacular. Curiously, the ‘t’ of the Leeds is intentionally lower case, while the ‘T‘ of The Halifax is a capital letter.