Tenacity can mean a lot of things.
As far as I am concerned it means a dogged determination and a willingness to take risks, to go the extra mile and, above all, to get things right…  And stand up for what I believe to be right. I will stick with it. I am prepared to fight my corner; after all it‘s my opinions that you‘re paying for – but equally, having said that, I‘m a good listener. And ultimately I want what I do to be right for you and your organisation. (See sensitivity)



Michael is a uniquely talented individual whose grasp of design, branding, and marketing issues in the classic and digital arenas is first class. He combines expert knowledge with an exceptional degree of creativity to deliver products of the highest quality, and in the many years I have had the pleasure to work with him he has always – without exception – met his deadlines.


He is a person of the highest integrity and is blessed with a character that enables him to work with a wide range of personality types without conflict, although he is unafraid to stand his corner when he believes that this is the right thing to do for the client. This makes him an invaluable addition to any team.


He has consistently exceeded my expectations, and I recommend him without reservation.


Andy Eggleston

Project Director, ENV

Intelligent Energy

(and now Director of Marketing at Pon Equipment & Pon Power, Netherlands)