Michael can assimilate complex marketing communication issues and create deceptively simple creative solutions that resonate with target audiences. He thinks like a businessman yet sees it from the consumer‘s viewpoint.


Often, viewing his work, I have thought I wish I had done that.


David Lock



Case study:



Swissair, then one of the leading and most highly regarded airlines in Europe, were faced with rising competiton and the need to maximise revenue, so requiring its beleaguered workforce to increase its sales performance at every customer-facing opportunity.


Staff, already disincentivised following years of pay freezes, had become disillusioned. A survey suggested that, among other things, they’d lost sight of what Swissair stood for.


This internal communications programme looked at reinvigorating pride and awareness of what the Swissair brand represented, while simultaneously creating a recognition and rewards programme for employees worldwide.


The campaign focussed on connotations of “Swissness” – and re-married them with aspects of the airline‘s brand and values.


The Swiss flag, fortuitously also part of the airline‘s visual identity, can also be seen as a “plus”, thus creating a visual mnemonic which in turn became the “plus factor” and encouraged staff to “think positive/think Swiss/Swissair“ all the time.


This was a project undertaken while I was Managing Director at Dialog. I led the creative team and created the "plus factor" proposition and strategy, while David Lock, (Chairman) created the accompanying internal communications and staff incentive programme.