I probably got my first exposure to sustainability with a branding project for the curiously named Arkeco Environmental Services in the late 1990s.


But at that point things environmental were largely and almost exclusively the preserve of the tree huggers.


Since then I have had over ten years‘ exposure to Intelligent Energy with their hydrogen fuel cells, more recently with Reed Construction Data, with whom we agreed that sustainability was a core value for their branding program (construction being by far the largest industrial polluter on the planet, bar none).


Most recently I have been working as the Branding Director for Five-Quarter, whose innovative, forward looking technologies and joined–up thinking mean that we will have a clean, low-carbon solution for our ever growing energy crises.


Last but not in the least bit least, ENV  – my favourite all time project: combining several of my passions: motorcycling, great product design, branding and sustainability. (Not to mention a great team of people.)


It‘s a value that will remain on my personal agenda for life.