My goodness, that was difficult…

I‘ve used some of my very rare down time to address my “Cobbler‘s children syndrome“. In short, I had a crappy website, one which, had it belonged to any of my clients (or prospective clients), I‘d have torn it to shreds.

But my goodness, was it difficult…

It is not easy to be self–promoting, less so to be objective and super self–critical. I hope that I have achieved at least a little bit of both of those, but as ever, I shall go on refining and shaping (as I do for my clients) what I have here. Like all brands (and this is BrandMe™) it‘s a living developing thing which takes shape over time.

But I shall never be as complacent as I was previously, so thanks to both John Sargent (of Navigator) and Stacey Offer – both of whom (possibly unwittingly and unaware) inspired me to get my ass into gear.

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