You‘re the expert regarding your business, while I have the ability to look at it and see it in a different way – and suggest ways of communicating it so that the perception is aligned with your vision. (I can help with vision too!)


However, sensitivity is paramount to all of this. So the most important thing that I do is to listen – as there are many things that I need to learn about you (and your audience) before I can begin to think of ways of expressing the essence, nuances and personality of your company.


What I don't do is ride roughshod over what you already have. It may only require an adjustment or a different way of looking at things. I may well be critical - but honestly and appropriately so, because what I do is to consider each and every aspect; but I do so sensitively and according to your business needs.


I‘m not here purely to impose an aesthetic, my intention is to make what I do 100% effective for you.


I‘m not an extension of your inability to draw, nor is what I have to offer a panacea for your business per se. What I do offer is a different way of thinking. And presenting you.


So with an appropriate, collaborative, sensitive approach we can do great things together.




Michael is adaptable and versatile in developing and implementing creative ideas, managing challenging relationships with sensitivity. Michael has an impressive ability to transpose a client‘s ideas into actuality. As a client, our area was an emerging clean technology sector. Michael developed a marketing suite which imaginatively showcased this technology while supporting the company ideology and our target market's preferences.


Silvia Boschetto

EMEA Business Development Manager

Intelligent Energy

(now Director, Global Operations at TREE AID)