Case study:

Reed Construction Data


Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and with key offices in Boston, Toronto and Vancouver (as well as representation across North America), Reed Construction Data (and its 600+ employees) needed to differentiate itself in the highly competitive construction data marketplace, where too often data was becoming a commodity.

This comprehensive branding exercise involved positioning, Vision, Mission and Values, visual identity design, internal communications, launch planning, exhibition design, signing, communications design, product naming, brand architecture, tone of voice and communications planning, a living the brand programme, brand guidelines and brand stewardship.


Working as the sole consultant, together with the CEO, an executive management group and senior personnel, the exercise drew together the three main constituent parts (the Atlanta, Boston and Canada operations) as one entity, drawing on the individual and consolidated collective strengths of each and represented as the “three Rs” in the form of a modular building block, which formed the keystone of the new visual identity.