One of PCG's problems was that to all intents and purposes it communicated – and looked like – its nemesis (HMRC), with whom it had constantly locked horns in a bid to negotitate fairer and more amenable tax conditions for the 4 million+ self-employed professionals in the UK.


The dilemma of needing to position itself as the representative voice of freelancers meant that it had to appeal to a far wider audience. I created a  new positioning – "The voice of freelancing" – which together with my branding programme, helped to create a far wider appeal, increase mebership, focus on clearer communication and validate its position as the market leading professional trade association. The end result was a more vibrant and diverse visual identity (reflecting better the diversity of its potential membership) and a much clearer voice and proposition.

I have worked with Michael for the last two years on adapting the PCG brand. In addition to the creative strengths you can always expect sage and thoughtful advice and on-time delivery. I enjoy having Michael's support and would not hesitate to recommend him.


Iain McIlwee FIMMM

Marketing Director

(Now CEO at British Woodworking Federation)