Last, but not least! Here‘s some further examples of my design work – either as part of smaller–scale identity exercises or other simply purely design ones. These examples are just a small selection.



Left: Bookjacket design for PS Publishing. The book is written in two separate halves and the story meets in the middle.

Left: Logo design for a national charity which provided drop-in centres for the young and disenfranchised, whether with mental health issues or due to social deprivation. Ultimately putting a smile back on their faces, filling them with renewed self-confidence and enabling them to see eye-to-eye.

Right: Logo and visual mnemonic designs for qualitative researchers. This is an update to an exercise begun at my company Em: Design Consultants, designed by Eric Alexandrou.

Below: Logotype for specialist IT company.

The exercise also included a web site and some small ads.

Left: design and copywriting for Boeing (EMEA) to introduce the new, more environmentally friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane to its operators, airlines and travel companies.. 


The brochure used exisiting, pre-commissioned photography

Above: Quality mark for Swiss chocolateers Barry Callebaut.

Right: Logotype for small, one man band, interior decoration and design practice.

Above: logotype design for Danish oncology company, with whom I went through a branding consultancy exercise. Ultimately the logo was not used as they merged with another company.