My work

I‘m somewhat reluctant to be judged purely on the aesthetics alone, because fundamentally – at least to me – what and why you say something is just as important as how you say it. I‘d rather that you took for granted that things will look good, be distinctive, be appropriate and will reflect and project your corporate image in a unique and entirely appropriate way.


So, it‘s with these caveats that I now showcase some of the work that I have carried out over the years, together with brief explanations of each – and, importantly, what my clients have said about them.


I have quite intentionally shown a spread of projects over the years because what I do is intended to be timeless; it‘s not design for design‘s sake.


To reiterate: the thinking and the idea and what‘s being communicated are by far the most important criteria to me; far more so than the visual representation. Visual design alone is not a panacea for a business that isn‘t working properly.


Having said that, design and attention to detail are still very important. And I‘m a real stickler for detail and consistency.