It‘s a serious business, but fun can be an important ingredient, not least because it can be engaging when used appropriately.


And while the process of branding can often be hard work, there‘s really no reason not to have some laughs along the way…


This example was a truly last minute request to promote a male fashion trade show (Premier Menswear) which was losing ground – and its exhibitors – to a trendy rival (called 40º) exhibiting in adjacent exhibition halls.


The brief asked not to show fashion per se, but to provide something that would instill confidence that Premier Menswear was still the place to be. Taking its concept from “temperature“, it set up the proposition that you should make your own mind up what‘s cool and what‘s not.


The denouement to this series of visual puns is the ultimate “cool” (or even “cooler“) depicted by the boxer shorts.


A set of posters and post cards were conceived, designed, written, produced and delivered within two days, while a banner was erected in the corridor leading from 40º to Premier Menswear declaring the temperature in degrees – from cool to cooler – the closer you walked towards the Premier Menswear show.



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