Case study:

Intelligent Energy


Approached while at BGA to create a professional brand from the outset (to differentiate itself from the many technical start–ups), Intelligent Energy is a world–leading company in the hydrogen fuel cells market. However, like many scientific and technical companies with groundbreaking technologies, the technology per se is not enough to bring it to the eyes of the world…

I worked closely with Michael on a range of naming, branding and graphical communication programmes including the launch of all new brand/product concepts. He is creative, energetic and practical. Able to talk strategy in the morning and still roll his sleeves up and get an exhibition pulled together in the evening, he is a consummate all rounder and a true professional – if he says he's going to do something, it happens. He is also a delight to work with, using his innate warmth and humour to calm stressful situations down. I look forward to the next time we have the chance to work together.


Nick Talbot

Design Director


(and now Chief Global Design Officer at Tata, India)

Nick was the designer of ENV 

Fuel cells themselves are quite boring to look at, but yet are capable of doing amazing things in the supply of energy and power. The trick is to demonstrate the magic via a paradigm–breaking means.


The answer to that lay in bringing in world-class product designers seymourpowell to create a truly outstanding concept.


ENV was the result: the world's first purpose-designed from the ground up hydrogen fuel cell-powered motorcycle. Virtually silent and with zero emissions, ENV went on to gather a global audience of over one third of a billion people.


This firmly placed Intelligent Energy in the spotlight and irrevocably paved the way for its future success.