What do you do?

I cover the whole spectrum of branding needs, from initial research, strategy, concept, brand architecture and naming, through to design, implementation and thereafter brand stewardship (looking after and managing your brand, should you require it). This also includes advising on internal and external communications strategies, workshops, guidelines and publications – and includes such things as corporate brochures and annual reports.


In many of my most recent branding programmes (eg PCG, Reed Construction Data, CMD Group) I have carried out the entire exercise solus, while for example in the case of Intelligent Energy this began with a large team at BGA, and then carried on with Pod – then, following the passing of my co-founder David Goulbourne in 2004, I took on the entire development, design and management on my own. In the case of Five-Quarter, I work closely with Caroline Collett, who manages and directs PR, media, content and messaging.


If you say you do work with others, who has done what in your projects?

Each of my work examples on this site lists those key people who worked with me on the given project.


Do you do logos?

Well, yes, of course I do, and you can see many examples of them on this site. But in truth they’re almost an adjunct to the branding process. Ultimately, if that's really all you think that you need, then I can do them (see here). But we should talk first!


What about websites?

Yes, I can. (I did this one!) But just as frequently – and depending on complexity – I will work with web experts to optimise your needs. My core skills are not the digital black arts (SEO, etc.) – but I appreciate what these things mean, plus, I know people who can, and I will suggest, as appropriate, that we might well use them. However, I would add a note of caution if you are looking to change things: I have yet to meet a web company who can really and truly plan, design and manage a branding programme. Regardless of what they might claim, it‘s a fundamentally different skill. (But then nor could I do a complex website on my own!) However, fundamentally, websites are a part of the branding and communications programme – and while a very important part, you have to get the brand, messaging and the communications right first. Technical wizardry is no substitute for that, but get the fundamentals in place and a website can really enhance the experience of the brand.


What about copywriting?

Words are as important as images to me and are interchangeable with – or indeed complementary to – images as a communications medium. Yes, I do write copy – and in a very particular way. (I tend to think in words and pictures.) At the core of what I do is communications, so copywriting, messaging, appropriate tone of voice are all fundamental. So, depending on the project and its needs I may bring in specialists at the appropriate time. People who think in the same way that I do and who will form part of the project team. But most often, practicalities have meant that I will the ball rolling and then bring in the über specialists and hand over that side of it to them… 


How much do you charge?

The $64,000 million question! I charge a daily fee rate, plus costs and reasonable expenses. The simple truth is that I am flexible. But I‘m not cheap. My fees reflect over 35 years in the business and knowing not only what needs to be done but how to get it done. In the long term that can save you money, but most importantly, a strong brand is a valuable asset on your balance sheet. The bottom line is that I love what I do, I really do, but I don't do it purely for love…


Branding is an investment in your business if it‘s done properly – and that's what I aim to do for you. Regardless, upfront talking costs nothing and you will receive a thorough fee and cost budget proposal from me should you want to take it further.


And if you‘re interested, then please, let‘s start talking…