I'm proud of what I do. But it requires great people to make great things happen.


Here's a few of the people with whom
I've been lucky enough to work and in doing so have come to respect and admire them:


Caroline Collett
communications, writing and PR


David Sandison

people photographer 


Robin Nelson

people photographer, videographer


Glynn Griffiths

people photographer and sculptor


David Lock

internal communications guru and thinker



two fine writers with total brand empathy



industrial designers par excellence



And here’s a few with whom I haven't yet worked, but hope that I might one day (although I have worked with them as colleagues in another existence!):


The Writer

the ultimate copywriters for brand, tone of voice and simple common sense. UK/USA


Alex Nisbett – LiveWork Studio

friend, former colleague and highly experienced service designer 



Finally, some people whose work has influenced me over the years…


Alan Fletcher


Wally Olins


Michael Wolff




To the memory of David Goulbourne, 1960–2004, co-founder of Pod Design Consultants Ltd and a major influence on me. Deeply and sadly missed. 


Photography and videography credits for this site:

Black and white portrait of me (Home truths page): Robin Nelson

Black and white portrait of me (About page): David Sandison

Colour portrait of me (Contact page): David Sandison

Videography (My approach page): Robin Nelson and Eric Rice* 

Portrait of David Goulbourne (this page): Michael Darby

* Reproduced here by kind permission of CMD Group

Thank you Preston I was very fortunate to attend Preston Polytechnic‘s four year sandwich degree in graphic design when it was in its ascendancy towards being – for a short while – the best design and communications course in the country; that is before the ”powers that be“ (sic) deemed it to be ”too elitist“, and so reassembled and destroyed it. I‘d especially like to thank Ben Casey, Alan Livingston, Michael Cameron, George Hollingworth and John Hodkinson for bringing a fresh perspective (and all the other staff). I'll always be grateful for being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.