In my 33 years of postgraduate experience I have worked with many different clients, large and small, across numerous business sectors and in different parts of the world.



A global overview aof the places that I have worked in and the clients with whom I have worked

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Michael managed to temper his amazing creativity with a calm controlling and managing ability, not just for his own work but for that of his many staff. He was respected by everyone and, as Group Managing Director, I was always glad to introduce him to clients in the knowledge that they would be taken good care of and be entirely satisfied customers. I wish we still worked together.


Stefan Zachary

Group MD

Mcoll Group plc, part of WPP Group plc

(now owner of Zachary Design)

A small thank you to all my clients

It would be very remiss of me in all my tubthumping to overlook the fact that without the cooperation and understanding of all my clients I would have nothing to show for my endeavours. However, unfair as may be to single anyone out, I‘d particularly like to thank Iain Melville and Harry Bradbury for being exceptional clients and giving me the opportunity to produce work of which I am particularly proud.