ENV hydrogen fuel cell powered motorcycle
Perception and how others see us


Your organisation is invariably experienced by people via your people. So it‘s important that every single one of your people not only understands the importance and true meaning of your brand, but practices it.  
That way you can turn all of your colleagues into an invaluable asset. People should always make the difference.

Great customer service makes all the difference
Communications are the foundation of strong brands

Branding – and just some of its more important aspects


The old adage that ”perception is reality’“ is a trusim. However, perceptions can be changed, but need to be grounded in reality. That can be achieved via a well thought through and carefully managed brand programme.

Applied alone, a new lick of paint changes little and often only cover the cracks, leaving the problem unresolved..

Visual identity

Logos are not brands – and brands are not logos. Nevertheless, a strong visual identity is fundamental to the consistent application of a brand, in that it aids recognition and provides a strong platform for consistent communication.
A visual identity is an organisation‘s unique handwriting and its signature


Brands can be let down by poor and inconsistent service. Brands are a promise and create expectations; they also make or break repuations, so need to be managed carefully. Get it wrong and the world can come tumbling down very quickly. A thorough, well defined service ethos can meet and exceed expectations.


Often forgotten as a highly potent expression of a brand, products can be the brand’s ultimate expression and experience. (Think Apple.) My personal case study and success story is ENV – a hydrogen fuel cell–powered motorbike, which completely altered the perception and understanding of my clients‘ offer, quite literally globally

I could go on about branding all day – and be warned, given half a chance, I will! Here‘s a collection of just some of the things that I find important on the subject… (Clicking on the images will take you to other related  parts of this site.)