A brief introduction

Branding: it's what I do and it's what I love doing. And I do the lot – from research and strategy through to design, dedicated branding communication programmes (internal and external) followed by brand management and development.

I'm not about brand speak and so I try to avoid it as much as possible. Brands should be accessible to – and what's more, understood by – everyone. And that's my aim.


Brands are about relationships – and relationships require understanding and clarity: that‘s what I aim to promote in my work above anything else. And because relationships mean people, they‘re a fundamental consideration for me every time.


People need to be communicated to clearly and treated as intelligent human beings.

I’m a great believer in the power of people and what they can contribute to making an organisation, product or service work.

I also believe that many organisations have become faceless and lost their way in our online connected world, becoming depersonalised, anonymous, digital white noise in the process.


However, they can be re-humanised relatively easily, simply by uniting people behind a consistent, singular way of doing, thinking and behaving. 

A quick word about this site

There is no right or wrong way to read this site. If you look at nothing else, please at least take a look here, because this sums up what I believe and is the essence of my approach.


So I do hope that you’ll get the bigger picture about how I think. And if you like what you see and hear – and want to know more – please do get in touch.


Thank you.