Making a difference: what good branding can do…


There are many benefits to having a well defined and managed brand. Above all, in our increasingly overcrowded world, with messages and promises it is essential to have a distinct voice and be clearly understood by your audiences, whether they be external or internal. A good brand should create:


Front of mind awareness.












Studies have shown that people are often prepared to pay more for a well managed brand, while brands are now an asset on the corporate balance sheet.

While you have to earn trust by following through and delivering on your promise, it is an amazingly strong asset to have, especially in recessionary times. Credibility is paramount.

It‘s amazing how often we are asked to “make me look like company X“. That‘s the last thing you need to do. Stand-out and recognition – and to be known for what your company stands for – are by far the most important. Not different for difference‘s sake, but appropriately distinctive.

Customer loyalty is earned by practising what you preach, delivering on your promise and being as good as your word.

You cannot be all things to all men, but you can be focussed upon and be seen to be relevant to your chosen audiences.

Your audience needs to be clear about who you are, what you are and how you do things.

Brands are ultimately about people, and people are about relationships. Relationships set expectations – and need to be managed. A fundamental truth in terms of brand communications, both internally and externally.

You stand or fall by what you do. You should become known for who you are by having a strong set of values – and sticking to them. This creates an internal culture of trust and belief; in turn a common platform for communicating to the oustide world.