A little BIT ABOUT me

I‘m a bit of a hybrid. My degree is in design, but I was fortunate that my course – a four year sandwich at Preston Polytechnic – taught me to think as a communicator, ie in both words and images. (As a result I almost took up offers to work in advertising upon graduation.)


I worked in print for three years before embarking upon my degree, so there I learned the crafts of production. Post graduation I migrated to management and strategy; subsequently spending over two thirds of my now 35 years career as a branding consultant.


One who enquires, thinks, questions, writes, designs, creates, shapes and manages brands.


And, above all, one who loves articulating them.

My very first post–graduation project earned recognition in the 1982 D&AD awards (in which I‘d also figured as a student in 1981). It‘s nice to gain such kudos. But awards are not the be all and end all for me…